Demonstration of Perception Robotics Technologies


Perception Robotics exploits an existing gap in the market for robotics development and integration. It does this by developing innovative robotics technology inspired by nature. Perception Robotics’ Gecko GripperTM and PolySkinTM technologies use lessons learned from biology as a template for their innovative design, allowing them to function in diverse environments and accomplished a variety of tasks.


Close Up of Gecko Gripper™ Adhesion

Gecko Gripper™

Gecko Gripper

The Solution to Traditional Glass Grip Systems


  • Air System Independent
  • Instantaneous Attachment (10,000 times faster than vacuum)
  • Inexpensive
  • Secure Grip


Geckos adhere to surfaces using micro to nanometer-scale hairlike structures on their feet. The GeckoGripper™ integrates an adhesive material made of such “hairs” with electrostatics. This enables instantaneous on/off adhesion for the efficient handling of flat objects such as glass or solar panels.

Our solution is based on casting the adhesive into gripping pads and arranging these pads in counterbalanced sets. An omni-directional grip can be achieved and released with zero detachment force. This concept architecture, developed at Stanford University and the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, is now being commercialized at Perception Robotics.


Gecko Gripper

An integrated visual-tactile bin picking system at work.


Perception Robotics’ systems provide coordinated touch and vision guidance for robotic handling tasks. Our compliant tactile sensor technology, PolySkin, can cover any gripper to tell the robot where and how hard it is gripping an object. It is inherently inexpensive to customize. Integrated with machine vision and our advanced vision-touch guidance software, the system mimics a human’s sense of sight and touch. The solution can be scaled and customized to a wide variety of handling applications.

The solution addresses the limitations with existing robotics (pick) handling, which often have difficulty dealing with shiny or fragile objects and utilize expensive and complex 3D machine vision systems.




Wide Range of Applications


  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Food/Produce Handling
  • Packaging and Warehousing
  • Hazardous Materials Handling
  • Service Robotics
  • Military and Space Robotics


Compliant and customizable touch sensors enable picking tasks.